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CLICK HERE is a free entertainment site that is giving away millions of dollars in prizes each month, including a monthly "Instant Millionaire" cash prize and a $2 million progressive jackpot. Click Here to play

You could win a sporty BMW Z3 Roadster, a luxurious Lexus GS 300, or a Jeep Grand Cherokee; a Walt Disney World Vacation; a lots more including a million dollar monthly prize.  

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1 Million Dollar Free Lottery - Money Balls. A player online has no purchase commitment or monetary expenditure to choose and play Money Balls. Simply select seven numbers and click on "Play Money Balls" for a player to win at any given moment a monetary prize. After clicking on "Play Money Balls" the result of your one play will be shown on the following screen. Players may play at any time. Winners must provide their first and last name and their e-mail address.
Grand Prize: 7 Matches: US$1,000,000
First Prize: 6 Matches: US$10,000
Second Prize: 5 Matches: US$100
Third Prize: 4 Matches: US$1

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to Register Birthday Game. Fill out the registration form completely including date of birth (month, day and year) and click on the Register button. Entries are limited to one per person using the registration form. One additional entry per person per day may be obtained by activating your Personal Portfolio and returning to the site once each day.
Your birthday could be worth $5 Million!

Enter Here is a game sweepstakes site. It is a simple concept: You play games, earn points and then you cash in your points to win prizes. The more you play, the more points you accumulate, the better your chances of winning prizes. Play today and start winning!
You could win anything from your favorite video to a trip to Cancun.  Bigprizes also has a $3 Million Lottery.

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